Civil Train SA houses the largest civil construction simulator centre in the Southern Hemisphere with over 25 simulators representing excavators, loaders, dump truck, grader, dozers and scrapers.

Repeated rehearsal of procedures improves performance, saving countless lives as well as assets. Also, training individuals before allowing them to use actual equipment improves the safety of the individuals undergoing training, the participants around them and the safety of the actual equipment. 

All qualification learners enrolled at Civil Train SA have the opportunity to use the simulators at no extra cost either to practise specific tasks or build up their machine hours.  Even if they do not have plant within their training plan,  they have they opportunity to get a taster of the work of a plant operator with a simulator experience.

To watch a short video on the benefits of simulation click here.

The range of simulators available:

The Civil Train suite includes a range of simulators, including:


Whilst these simulators are not motion-based they do output a high level of data to assist with analysis of faults, fuel use and other indicators which can be used to measure productivity and efficiency.  With a built in e-learning system, operators can also ensure they have the basic theoretical knowledge in relation to pre-start checks, safety and maintenance before they start the operation part of the simulation.

2 degrees of freedom volvo simulators

These motion-based simulators react to the movements of the machine and of the operator in the simulation.  Operators have an individual log in to provide access to their individual training plan set up by one of our trainers to meet their specific learning needs.  There are a range of scenarios available, from basic machine operation through to more advanced tasks such as load cycles.

6 degrees of freedom Volvo Simulators

These prototype simulators replicate Volvo models and were specially designed for our centre.  Their enhanced fidelity through increased movement and graphic immersion offer the operator the most realistic simulation experience.


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Our Industry Partners

As the training division of the civil construction industry association, we come with some heavy duty industry endorsement. Here are just a few of our valued industry partners that are proud to use Civil Train as their training provider of choice.