Verification of Competency (VoC)

Under the new 2012 National Workplace Health and Safety Legislation introduced on 1st January 2012 a new range of conditions are required. Employers must take reasonable and practical steps to ensure the competency of their staff for the work they perform and the operation of workplace plant and equipment. A verification of competency (VoC) is a process that can provide the employer with validatable evidence that there workers are competent to perform their duties.

In relation to competencies required for operation of load shifting equipment, a person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure that operators have received adequate information and training, and are supervised, so that any risks to health and safety are minimised. The amount of information, instruction, training or supervision required must take into account the complexity of the tasks, the operator's current skills and ability and other workers on site. Ongoing training should be provided to maintain the operator's competency level, particularly with new models of plant or equipment, and ensure new workers are able to undertake the work safely. All other general duties regarding health and safety still apply.

(Reference: Safe Work SA, Fact Sheet: WHS017, Dated 24 June 2013)

A verification of competency (VoC) is not just for load shifting and mobile plant, a VoC is a process to where skills and knowledge are evaluated against a prescribed performance criteria and may be suitable for:

  • Employers wishing to comply with legislation to maintain competency of workers.
  • Ensuring staff are competent and proficient in performing the duties specific to a project or task
  • Providing ongoing evidence of monitoring the work of workers (employees).  The VoC can be conducted in accordance with workplace procedures i.e. over 6 months as part of an ongoing program of employee training and competency maintenance.
  • Assisting workers post-incident, as part of Return to Work programs, to ensure that their competencies remain current after an absence.
  • Identifying gaps that may exist between operators or if there are areas that require immediate attention.

Civil Train SA has developed a suite of flexible VoC courses that can cater to your needs.  

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