Access, equity & fairness policy


CCF SA is committed to providing a clear and transparent ethical and legal position in regards to the provision of open access and equity to all stakeholders of the organisation.


This document provides information regarding the way CCF SA will ensure that its services are provided so that all stakeholders feel they have, and have been, treated equitably and fairly.

CCF SA (RTO 45621) represents the trading names of:

  • CCF South Australia
  • CCF NT
  • CCF Western Australia
  • Mining Train
  • TrainSA

It is the policy of CCF SA to ensure an environment that is:

  • safe and equitable through zero tolerance of any form of harassment, bullying, discrimination and/or racial vilification;
  • a child safe environment;
  • as a minimum, aligned with State and Federal legislation.


CCF SA’s Access and Equity policy is based in the following principles:

  • All stakeholders will be treated with respect in a workplace and learning environment free of harassment and intimidation;
  • All personnel and learner decisions will be fair, reasonable, non-discriminatory and based on merit;
  • No individual or group will be treated less favourably than another;
  • All communications and interactions will be free of bias, prejudice and discriminatory language
  • All stakeholders including children will be encouraged to participate in the development and improvement of services.


For the purposes of this document ‘zero tolerance’ means the high potential for instant dismissal from employment or expulsion from study if allegations of misconduct in relation to this policy are proven to be true and the mediation process is unsuccessful.

Note: CCF SA will enforce zero tolerance in regards to complaints of a false, frivolous or malicious nature.

All stakeholders are strongly encouraged to discuss any issues and/or request further information regarding access and equity.

Zero Tolerance Classified Behaviours

CCF SA zero tolerance applies to any behaviours that breach the following standards:

  • Abuse of Children

CCF SA is committed to a child safe environment for all of our minor learners.

All employees, contractors, learners and other stakeholders should note that children accessing CCF SA’s services will be provided with greater supervision and support than adults.

Abuse of children incorporates physical or mental harm of any kind and neglect.

It may include but not be limited to:

  • physical contact of any kind;
  • sexual contact of any kind;
  • verbal abuse;
  • exploitation;
  • intimidation;

All inappropriate behaviours towards children are zero tolerance behaviours and will immediately result in expulsion, termination of employment or

Any person or persons making a Mandatory Report in relation to a minor Learner will be supported and will not be victimised.

  • Anti-Discrimination, Human Rights, Equal Opportunity & Disability Discrimination

**Many forms of harassment and all forms of bullying are prosecutable offences under Australian law.  CCF SA will notify Police in the event of such incidences occurring.


Bullying is behaviour of a physical, written, verbal or non-verbal nature, directed toward an individual or group of individuals and which is considered unreasonable or anti-social behaviour that is offensive, degrading, intimidating or humiliating.  This behaviour can include but is not limited to public reprimand or behaviour intended to punish, ridicule, insult, or may be based in unsubstantiated allegations and cruelty.

Harassment is an unwelcome and unwarranted behaviour that offends, intimidates, humiliates or embarrasses another person.  This behaviour can be written, physical, verbal or visual in nature. Harassment is not necessarily deliberate or intentional and can be one incident or several incidents occurring over a period of time. Harassment may be accompanied by an expressed or implied threat.  Harassment and bullying are unwelcome, unsolicited and non-reciprocated behaviours.  They may be intentional or unintentional and may take many forms, such as verbal, written or physical.  Regardless of the intent or form it takes, the distress caused to the victim is the same.

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