Customer Service

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It is the purpose of this policy to inform all stakeholders of our minimum service commitment.


Our Commitment

We aim to provide all customers (internal and external) with prompt and efficient service.
To ensure those standards are met at all times Civil Train’s professional service is supported by Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement measures.

As a minimum we will ensure that:

  • all customers are treated in a professional, ethical and courteous manner.
  • we maintain open and honest channels of communication with our customers.
  • access and equity principles apply to and for all customers at all times.
  • all Commonwealth and State legislative compliance is met.
  • our Customers’ safety remains Civil Train’s paramount priority.  Occupational Health Safety & Welfare compliance of all stakeholders is monitored and meets legislative requirements.
  • appropriately qualified staff will be supported with processes and procedures that ensure the highest quality of service provision.
As part of our commitment Civil Train’s staff will:
  • always clearly identifying themselves when contacting customers;
  • aim to answer questions or resolve issues quickly and satisfactorily;
  • provide clear, accurate and helpful information/advice at all times;
  • normally respond to training enquiries within 24 hours;
  • address industry enquiries, including request for trainees, same day as receipt;
  • ensure timely and accurate payment and recording of financial transactions including wages;
  • maintain privacy in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988.


Customer Feedback

Civil Train encourages feedback to help us improve our service.
Our processes for collection of feedback will include:

  • learners provided with surveys at least once during the course of their training
  • open unsolicited access to the Civil Train team via telephone, facsimile or email during normal working hours;
  • customer satisfaction surveys from time to time;
  • ad hoc requests for feedback when our team members are in contact for other reasons;
  • invitations to industry to participate in quality evaluation and improvement programs;

All customer comments and suggestions will be:

  • kept confidential unless an appropriate authority to use the information has been received;
  • reviewed for use in the improvement our service.

Our Industry Partners

As the training division of the civil construction industry association, we come with some heavy duty industry endorsement. Here are just a few of our valued industry partners that are proud to use Civil Train as their training provider of choice.