Fees & Refunds policy


The Civil Contractors Federation SA (from this point referred to as CCF SA) makes every effort to ensure that potential learners and clients are fully aware of fees payable to CCF SA, and the terms and conditions of payment and refunds before accepting a learner for enrolment.


This document provides information and guidance to CCF SA learners, clients and staff in relation to the fees and refunds for training products offered by CCF SA, and the process to be followed in regard to these fees and refunds.

CCF SA represents the trading names of:

• Civil Train South Australia
• TrainSA
• Mining Train
• Civil Train NT
• Civil Train Western Australia

Course Cost

CCF SA charges fees for participation in the training courses offered. Each training product has an established fee which varies depending on the nature of the training product, the units undertaken and the learner’s circumstance, such as eligibility for South Australian government WorkReady subsidy or Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) subsidy or other subsidy, CCF SA membership or concessions. Learners who are not eligible for any subsidies or concessions will pay the full fee rate. Details of fees charged for each training product are available in our Fee Schedule here.

Selected short courses are offered at a discount to CCF SA members that have fully paid their CCF SA membership for the current financial year. For details on pricing offered to CCF SA members please refer to the Fee Schedule here.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will not be covered by the Course Fees or WorkReady subsidy, unless otherwise stated. Learners will be required to ensure they have appropriate PPE at the time of enrolment depending on the course in which they are enrolled. Where specific PPE is indicated as a compulsory minimum requirement for training in the course information brochure, failure to wear the required PPE may result in the learner being prevented from attending the training session and full fees being payable. The cost of PPE may be funded by the learner, employer, Job Service Provider or other referrer.

Additional Services Fees

Where additional services, including support services, are required by the Learner, additional fees may apply. CCF SA will not charge a fee to refer you to any external services. Additional Fees are detailed in Fee Schedule here.

Incidental Fees

CCF SA may charge fees for incidental expenses in addition to those required to complete the course. Incidental fees are optional and may be charged when:

  • a good or service is purchased that is not essential to complete the course of study, e.g. graduation ceremonies in cases where learners are not required to attend the ceremony in order to obtain their award
  • a charge for an essential good or service either purchased from CCF SA or elsewhere for:
    • equipment or items that become the physical property of the learner and that are not fully expended during the course of study, or
    • food, transport and accommodation costs associated with the provision of field trips that form part of the course of study
  • other fees as defined by CCF SA from time to time.


Any training product offered by CCF SA is subject to GST unless specifically defined under the GST Act as a GST-free education course.

Additional Services are subject to GST.

WorkReady (SA residents only)

CCF SA is a WorkReady Training Provider. WorkReady replaced Skills for All on 1 July 2015. Courses available for funding subsidy under WorkReady vary from time to time and places may be limited. Fees of courses offered by CCF SA under WorkReady are detailed in the Fee Schedule here.

Eligibility Criteria

WorkReady subsidised training is subject to the learner meeting the required eligibility and entitlement criteria and satisfying any enrolment conditions. More details on WorkReady eligibility criteria are available at https://www.skills.sa.gov.au/subsidised-eligibility


Learners enrolled in a WorkReady course for which a fee is charged are eligible for concession if, at the time of commencement of training in a unit of competency in the course, they hold a current:

  • Health Care Card (HCC)
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card

Refer to the Fee Schedule for concession rates.

A current concession card must be presented at time of enrolment in the unit of competency. Learners who are not in possession of a concession card current at the time of training commencement, will be obliged to pay the full fee rate.

Learners enrolled in a course for which a fee can be charged are eligible for course fee concession if they are prisoners in a South Australian correctional institution.

Learners who are unsure of their eligibility can contact Centrelink before their enrolment on 131 021.

Many low-income earners are eligible to apply for a Low Income Earner Health Care Card (HCC), subject to an assets and means test. Learners who think they may be eligible are advised to apply as soon as possible so that a HCC or temporary HCC can be used for a concession.


Eligible learners aged 16 years and above who, have been or are under, the Guardianship of the Minister for Education and Child Development (or an interstate equivalent) or any guardianship order, will be eligible for a course fee exemption. They may be required to pay for any incidental fees where relevant for specialised courses.

Eligible learners will need to contact The Department of Innovation and Skills (DIS) to verify their Guardianship status.

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) – SA residents only

CITB subsidy is available only for South Australian resident learners and is provided upon provision of a valid CITB Identification Number prior to enrolment. Failure to provide valid CITB and to successfully complete the course will result in full fees being payable. CITB subsidy can be varied at any time at the discretion of the CITB. For more details on CITB funding eligibility criteria, conditions and limits please go to http://www.citb.org.au

Important information relating to the application of CITB subsidy for qualifications

CCF SA may be able to claim subsidy from CITB to offset a learner’s tuition fees (sometimes referred to as participant fee). At the time of printing, this is $400 per year of training, up to a maximum of $1200. It is the responsibility of the employer/employee to ensure CITB eligibility is maintained during enrolment so that CCF SA can make the claim on an annual basis. CCF SA will then refund the employer the amount received from CITB annually


Construction Training Fund (CTF) – WA residents only

Western Australian resident learners who meet the eligibility criteria of the CTF may have access to short course rebates under the CTF ‘Supplementary Skills and OHS Program’.

In some instances, CCF SA may offer the CTF discount at the point of sale, known as bulk billing. Failure of the learner to meet CTF eligibility, successfully complete the course or otherwise meet the requirements of the CTF will result in full fees being payable. CTF subsidy can be varied at any time at the discretion of the CTF.

For more details on eligibility contact the CTF directly here https://ctf.wa.gov.au/industry/fundingsupport/


Aboriginal Responsive Skilling Grants (NT residents only)

CCF SA is an approved training provider for the Aboriginal Responsive Skilling Grants (ARSG) by the Northern Territory government. Failure to attend a course funding under this ARSG will result in full fees payable. For information on the Northern Territory ARSG go to https://nt.gov.au/learning/adult-education-and-training/aboriginal-responsive-skilling-grants



Fees for courses of $1,500 or less and fees for non-accredited Plant Training & Assessment courses are to be paid a minimum of five working days prior to commencement.

Timing of payment for fees for all other courses will be advised within the course information package and will be dependent upon a number of issues such as, but not limited to:

  • Total course cost
  • Course duration
  • Whether partially funded


No more than $1,500 is to be paid in advance by learners enrolled in AQF courses before course commencement or at any given time during the progress of the course to the total of the course cost. This does not apply where the employer or other organisation pays on the learner’s behalf.

Under special circumstances payment by instalments may be negotiated. An invoice for payment is issued at the time enrolment is confirmed by CCF SA to approved clients.

Where payment by instalment is agreed:

  • all instalments are to be paid by the due date;
  • outstanding instalments are to be paid even if the learner is no longer enrolled or eligible for funded/subsidised training or their contract of training is expired;
  • outstanding instalments are to be paid if the learner withdraws from/does not commence/does not attend:
  • a training contract by giving less than ten working days’ notice prior to the course commencement; or
  • a short course or a plant training and assessment course by giving less than five working days’ notice prior to the course commencement

CCF SA reserves the right to suspend training delivery where fees remain outstanding.

Any delay in payment of fees after the due date on an invoice may result in the imposition of a late payment fee.

The issuance of a qualification or Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be withheld until all fees are paid.

Payment options


Fees and charges may be paid by cash, cheque, credit card (VISA or MasterCard only), electronic funds transfer and/or direct debit arrangements. Online payment is available for short courses. A charge may apply on credit card payments made over the phone and in person.

Successful enrolment applications in CCF SA courses cannot be guaranteed until course fees (if any) are paid and receipts must be retained to verify payments. Fees for short courses are to be paid in full prior to course commencement.

Formal acknowledgement of receipt of payment will be provided to the client within seven days of funds clearing.


Third Party


Payment can be made by a third party (employer or other organisation). Where a third party chooses to pay course fees, they must complete and submit an Application for Payment of Learner Fees by a Third Party for qualifications or complete and submit the Short Course Registration Form for short courses.

The third party will be liable for learner’s fees invoiced by CCF SA, even if:

  • the learner withdraws from the course prior to or after course commencement and there is not entitlement to a refund or adjustment of fees;
  • the learner is no longer entitled to subsidised training; or
  • the learner’s contract of training has expired; or
  • the learner’s employment with the third party is terminated; or
  • the learner is deemed not competent


If the learner’s employment with the third party is terminated the third party and the learner must advise CCF SA of the employment termination to courses@ccfsa.com.au. If the employment termination is not notified to CCF SA the third party will remain liable for any learner’s fees incurred after the employment termination

Fees might be refunded under limited circumstances.



CCF SA might cancel a course due to low registrations. Reasonable notice of cancellation including an offer of transfer to another course will be given to learners or full refund.

If CCF SA cannot deliver one or some units of competency scheduled in a particular training program, a refund for the portion of fees paid for which unit/s was/were not received will be processed. Refunds will be processed within thirty calendar days of course cancellation.

No administration fee will apply.

If CCF SA is unable to deliver or continue delivering a training session due to causes beyond its control, including but not limited to natural disaster, threat of security and/or power shortage, the training will be cancelled or ceased, and learners will be entitled only to be transferred to another training session and not be refunded.

Withdrawals and non-attendance


Where a learner withdraws from a training contract by giving a minimum ten working days’ notice prior to the course commencement, all fees excepting non-refundable administration fee (if applicable) will be refunded. No refund is given if:

  • a training contract is cancelled with less than ten working days’ notice prior to course commencement; or
  • the learner withdraws from a training contract once they have commenced; or
  • the learner does not commence the course.

If a learner does not attend a training/assessment session or site visit without notice or by giving less than two working days’ notice, a non-attendance fee will apply. Where a learner is enrolled in a Plant Training & Assessment course within their qualification, five working days’ notice must be given to cancel, postpone or reschedule a training/assessment session or site visit. Failure to provide five working days’ notice will incur a non-attendance fee. For current non-attendance fees, please refer to the Fees Schedule.

To ensure currency of assessment, all assessments must be completed within a reasonable time. Where the learner does not complete the assessment process within a reasonable time as determined by the assessor, they must re-sit the full assessment and a non-attendance fee will incur.

Short Courses

Where learners withdraw from training by giving a minimum five working days’ notice prior to the course commencement, all fees excepting a non-refundable administration fee will be refunded. No refund is given if training is cancelled with less than five working days’ notice prior to course commencement. Two working days’ notice apply to withdrawals from training taken under the ‘We’ll shout you’ offer. The full course fee is charged if learners enrol in a short course by taking the ‘We’ll shout you’ offer and they then fail to attend or do not provide two working days’ notice or if they are found not competent or do not provide a valid CITB number.

Late arrivals may not be permitted to enter the training session. This will be at the discretion of CCF SA. If CCF SA determines that you are too late to be able to enter the training session, it will be classed as a non-attendance and full fees will be payable.

Withdrawal Notices

Withdrawal notices must be given in writing:

Where a refund is determined to be payable:

  • the Administration Team will calculate the payment;
  • the Administration Manager will check and authorise the payment;
  • Accounts payable staff process the payment (EFT or Cheque);
  • Current signatories will sign cheque or approve EFT.

Refunds will be processed within thirty calendar days of refund request submission, provided that the fees have been cleared through CCF SA’s bank account.

Exceptional Circumstance

Circumstances such as illness and traumatic events may be considered as ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ for refund purposes. Learners will be required to provide evidence to support claims of exceptional circumstance e.g. Illness (doctor’s certificate) or family crisis. Request for refunds must be made to CCF SA within five days of formal notification of cancellation and are approved at the discretion of CCF SA.

Under no circumstances is a refund provided for fees paid by the employer if the employment relationship is terminated and late notification of cancellation is given. However, where the learner is unable to commence a short course, the employer might nominate a suitable substitute attendee to the course (subject to eligibility and enrolment conditions).

Complaints and Appeals

Should a Learner wish to appeal against a decision not to award a refund, they may do so by completing a Complaints and Appeals form, attaching any related documentation as evidence and submitting their appeal to CCF SA by following the process set out in the Complaints and Appeals Policy.

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